User Accounts

Full and free access to our site is offered to signed-up users. We require users to provide accurate and complete information for all required fields when completing the sign-up form. We will track your IP address upon completing the sign-up form.

Your account is personal to you and may not be used by anyone else to access the Corporate Register website. You may not create more than one account.

At Corporate Register we collect information from users registering with us. We do this for purposes of service improvement, for marketing our own and others’ services, for statistical analysis of user behaviour, for feedback purposes, and may use aggregate statistics of site usage to sell services on the site and help it remain free for our users.

We do not contact users about our services and related information without prior consent. This can be withdrawn at any time by sending us email, with the text ‘Delete My Account’ in the subject field, to [email protected].

We do not pass any personal information about our users to third parties without prior consent. This can also be withdrawn at any time by sending us e-mail, with the text ‘No Third Parties’ in the subject field, to [email protected].

The privacy of your personal data is important to us. We maintain all personal data in a private database which is not connected to the internet. We use all reasonable efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of the personal data you provide to us. We comply with UK Data Protection Legislation, which means we follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information provided to us, to prevent unauthorised access. However, we are not responsible for any breach of security or any actions of any third parties who receive information.

Any third party to which we provide, rent or sell data collected from users to our site will be carefully pre-screened, determined by us to be reputable, and will use the data provided solely for services which we determine, in our sole judgement, that users to our site might find of interest.

Access to Personal Data

Users may request a summary of personal information held by us. Send us email, with the text ‘Personal Information Request’ in the subject field and your user name and password in the message body, to [email protected].

Users may modify, correct, or update this summary or cause it to be removed from our database. Corporate Register will only send personal information to the email address on file for the user name associated with it.