About our CR Data Packages

Do you need a lot of profile views, or a specific set of data? Get in touch with us to discuss a CR Data Package. Our experts can provide you with a variety of options that aren’t available with a normal account, including:

Send us your ‘universe’

We can import your spreadsheets of organisations, matching specific identifiers including ISINs and CIKs. We do this quickly and efficiently. We can discuss your specific requirements.

Assess the number of records

The online search gives you three broad report type options. Our team can identify the many specific report types (eg Human rights, DEI, Climate, Responsible investment etc) and show you the numbers of report types per year for your ‘universe’.

Refine the dataset

We then provide spreadsheets of the records meeting your criteria. We work with you to refine the dataset by adding or removing specific parameters in a straightforward and transparent process. We make it easy for you to get your data and match your budget.